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A crumb of comfort for those of us still waiting...

notsramnotsram Posts: 1,238
It seems as though a lot of people with March shipping dates (myself included)  haven't yet heard anything from Oculus. So, we probably have to assume that we're not in the first shipping batch. This may change over the weekend, but with it being a holiday weekend in most places, I doubt it.

And yeah, that's annoying/disappointing, but hardly the end of the world. Hopefully our Rifts will be shipping soon. A few more days to wait which will give us a chance to get even more excited as the first unboxing vids appear and we start to hear about how amazing Rift hopefully is.

Not such good news for the scalpers on the sales sites who are hoping to make a huge profit and have promised shipping on the 29th or even the 28th. I'd imagine a few of them are panicking now. I can forsee a flurry of emails over the next few days with sellers frantically trying to explain why buyers haven't yet got the product they've paid hundreds of pounds/dollars extra for, and buyers renegotiating a lot lower prices.

What a shame that would be... :)


  • GJMOHGJMOH Posts: 40
    I'm in the same boat, pre-ordered the second the site went live, endured the crashes, got through with a March expected delivery date, received a confirmation - and not a peep since. 

    Was as really hoping to be Rifting by the end of next week, not very confident at the moment. 
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