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VR Web Browser

ClodoClodo Posts: 61
Hiro Protagonist
The great missing feature of Virtual Desktop imho, it's the lack of dragging single windows around the space. 
Something like Minority Report.
Today i'm thinking if can be possible at least with web pages. Basically a web browser with floating tabs.
So, i made a simple demo in a couple of hours with Unity & uWebKit to understand the feasibility.

The demo show five windows with fixed start url and position/size (but you can navigate), a mouse cursor pointer,
moving the cursor over a window activate keyboard input for that window. R to recenter.
Of course, it's missing:
- moving / dragging / rotating windows in space
- open custom url and any standard browser feature like back/next, favorites etc (but some WebKit keystroke may works).
- something like tabs, maybe a kind of stack in 3d space
- etc etc etc

Sometime it crash with YouTube playback.

Still thinking if can be an interesting project.


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