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Sensor is disconnecting and reconnecting every 5 seconds.

joenathanjoenathan Posts: 9
When the headset goes into sleep mode it starts disconnecting and reconnecting every 5 seconds. Also while in game it will randomly disconnect and reconnect although not as often.  I've tried multiple ports, and ports that work with the headset to no avail.  They're all USB 3.0 also.  


  • joenathanjoenathan Posts: 9
    Also as a follow up, if I exit the rift desktop software.  It stops disconnect and reconnecting. 
  • ThreeDeeVisionThreeDeeVision Posts: 2,086 Volunteer Moderator
    Did your USB 3.0 ports pass the Oculus compatibility test?  I have read on the forums that the USB 3.0 ports can be a bit picky, and only certain ones are supported.
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  • comixcrozcomixcroz Posts: 210
    edited March 2016
    The Angry Joe Show Review mentioned he was getting this error due to having USB 2.0 (Rift requires 3.0).  So you may need to buy a card.  My 3.0 USB on my motherboard did not pass the test.  I had to buy a card.  
  • joenathanjoenathan Posts: 9
    Ya it passed the Oculus test program that you can download from their site.  I've got another card coming but they kinda surprised me with this new version so quickly.  Hopefully that will fix it, but since it only happens when the Rift software is open I was hoping it's a software issue.
  • joenathanjoenathan Posts: 9
    So I put in a new USB board and I'm getting the same issue.  When I look at the Devices and Printers window for windows 10, I noticed the rift sensor is being through into an Unspecified category.  Is anyone elses there or is that a problem?  Also I noticed that my Logitech gaming keyboard turns on and off at the same time. 
  • gamefan101gamefan101 Posts: 193
    edited March 2016
    Windows 10 has an issue with many devices and USB chips.  Essentially it limits the power too much to USB devices and they keep resetting. 

    These 3 pages are about windows 8.1, but they sound like the problem you are experiencing.

    Essentially you find the device in the registry and disable Enhanced Power Management.  I have 3 Saitek Flight Instruments that refuse to work until I have disabled the Enhanced Power management. (Useless Win10 "feature")

    The first paragraph or so seems to explain a similar problem to yours.

    Here is the instruction to change the registry.  (Note: if you plug the sensor into a new port, you'll have to do this again)

    Once you have discovered the ID of the sensor, this app may make it easier for you to update the registry.  It needs to be run in admin mode.

    Hopefully, these links will lead you to a solution.  Good Luck.
  • joenathanjoenathan Posts: 9
    Ya this didn't help either :(  I guess I'll buy the suggested pci-e card and see if that gets me somewhere.
  • You should be able to run it pretty much OK on a USB2.0 port. My USB3.0 ports aren't working either but I'm not noticing a difference using it in 2.0
  • VaranonVaranon Posts: 1
    For me, it used to work fine until the last Windows 10 updated. Now, I also get a disconnect every few seconds. Disabling enhanced power management did NOT fix the problem.

    At this point, I'm giving up on it.
  • wolfu87wolfu87 Posts: 2
    someone fix the problem? I have Windows 10 and pci-e inatek, chipset fresco, at aproximtiv 30 minutes or even less disconnects sensor. Does it clash with the chipset of the motherboard?
  • GibbehGibbeh Posts: 1
    My headset was disconnecting randomly, even with  purchasing fresco pci ex board. enough to the point where i knew there was a problem. for me, im using a asus black rampage. i re ran the compatabilty tool, and was still showing usb errors. this was Asmedia 3x error. having gone to my device manager, i uninstalled them. havent had an issue since, although im down 2 atleast usb 2.0 now. but havent had the error since.
  • jcbtochejcbtoche Posts: 4
    I had disconnection too with the latest Win 10 update and the Inatek card.
    Still have problem with latest Inatek driver v3.6.9.0a.

    BUT now i don't have any problem at all. For me, i just uninstall the Fresco Logic driver and all the issue are gone.
    So i have Windows 10 driver for my inatek card.
  • alxsoftalxsoft Posts: 1
    I have similar issues. When I connect the headset and two sensors to the same USB controller (independent of USB3.0 or USB2.0) the headset disconnects and reconnects all the time.

    Solution: When I connect the headset on the back of my PC (USB3.0) and the sensors on the front (USB3.0 & USB2.0) it works.

    I also bought an Inatek card, but still I cannot connect all 3 cables there. Then it again disconnects. I still have to connect the headset separately.
    @jcbtoche: I'll try to use the Windows 10 driver instead of the Fresco Logic, maybe it helps. But I remember Windows did not find a driver on its own when I installed the controller.

  • inovatorinovator Posts: 1,058
    Happened to me with disconnects every 5 seconds . I got a new motherboard. I haven't had a disconnect since. (3 months ago)
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