DK2 + Oculus 1.3 random crash at Graphic Card — Oculus
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DK2 + Oculus 1.3 random crash at Graphic Card

rafaelbferrarirafaelbferrari Posts: 9
Hey guys,

I have a new laptop, i7 - GTX 980M - 24GB RAM. I now that oculus don't have a oficial support to laptops, but I was able to play everything fine before Oculus 1.3 version. Now I get some random crash on Graphics Card. Just stop to responding and needs to be restarted. But works so smooth and fine before crash. Anyone here have some idea what I can do for a workaround?



  • rafaelbferrarirafaelbferrari Posts: 9
    I tried to rollback my nvidia driver, but Oculus need the last updated version. IS wierd cause I can play for a while, and then, just crash.
  • soxfan335soxfan335 Posts: 131
    Hiro Protagonist
    I stayed at 0.8 for dk2 but upgraded to the latest nvidia driver on Monday. Apparently nvidia have made changes with how certain things are rendered in stereo, because the far distant objects in the rift seemed to be slightly more "sharp" albeit with a slight increase in aliasing. Performance seemed to get a slight nudge as well.

    If you don't care about shit like Henry's tale or whatever, suggest to sticking with 0.8 and only update the nvidia driver.
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