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Oculus 1.3 Crashing Unity 5.3.4 every time

Hi there,

I've installed Unity 5.3.4 and the OVRplugin for Unity 5.  My machine is a brand new machine, running Windows 10 and on a GTX 980 with latest NVidia drivers.  All the games through Oculus home run perfectly.  I am using a DK2 though.

First off, the performance is pretty terrible - pretty much 32fps regardless of what I run. (NB, I've changed the fixed timestep to be 0.01333).  The profilier indicates that the CPU is spending  95% of time in WaitingForGPU.

When I run in the Editor and hit STOP, the Editor crashes out.  I've submitted a couple of bug reports to Unity but Oculus should know about this too.  It doesn't matter what I run: my program, Unity demos, Oculus demos.  Everything crashes Unity.

Changing platform doesn't help.  Same behaviour

Anyone else having these issues?  I really hope this isn't an issue with the DK2 as my CV1 isn't due to get here till May. 




  • samurai926samurai926 Posts: 2
    I'm having a similar problem...Unity5.3.4 DK2, Windows 10 GTX980TI, editor crashes every time I stop the playing scene.  If i don't have a camera in the scene...seems to go away.  The log just has generic 'access violation'.
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