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Delete my application from developer dashboard

equanimousdevequanimousdev Posts: 2
Hi Guys,
I got an error 'The apk is signed with different certificate than previous version'. However I'm using the same keystore and everything.
So looks like the only solution is to create a new application and delete the old one as I want to keep the same name for my app.
I can't find an option to delete it. 
Please Help.


  • trevorchicotrevorchico Posts: 13
    Did you ever figure this out? same issue here... I created a new certificate/keystore when i received the error saying my app was in draft mode. Now I can't upload new versions without changing the name...

  • cgiteachcgiteach Posts: 3 Oculus Start Member
  • mccmcc Posts: 36
    Brain Burst
    Bumping this old thread because I just ran into this. It's apparently still a problem. The worst part is the app is still entirely in Alpha mode— I don't understand why it's so important that the signing keys match between alpha builds??

    Whatever the old key was, it's lost now, so I've got a broken-signed app in my dashboard forever
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