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Have you really learned your lesson Palmer?

AdsoxxxAdsoxxx Posts: 4
Here's a quote from Palmer Luckey's Reddit AMA from a couple of months ago:

Hmmmm. It seems to me that the 1-3 week email (that only a few have received) is a perfect example of a "ballpark" rather than concrete detail and Oculus' apparent difficulty in despatching Rifts in line with Palmer's tweet earlier this week to pre-order customers is the exact opposite of underpromising and overdelivering.

My guess is that most people who pre-ordered a CV1 are reasonable human beings. We can live with delay, even unforeseen delay - we're early adopters, we get it. However, there is no excuse for keeping the very people who have supported Oculus for years, championing Oculus and demoing the DK1 and DK2 to friends and family, in the dark.

At this stage an admission from Palmer/Oculus that you've made mistakes and are sorry would go a long way to appeasing the many, rightly angered, contributors to these forums. 

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