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Sensor not Detected

ExtremeToastExtremeToast Posts: 9

I have been using the DK2 with Oculus home for the past week with no problems, then I updated my PC to Windows 10 last night and started up Oculus home this morning and needed to update my graphics card drivers.

Now when I start up Oculus home I receive a notification to say that "Sensor not detected"

I can see the dk2 camera is visible under the devices list in windows 10, but it seems that Oculus home is unable to access it.

Does anyone know how I can solve this?


  • ExtremeToastExtremeToast Posts: 9

    I got it working again, just for anyone that might have the same problem in the future.

    I just reinstalled Oculus home, and that seems to have fixed everything.
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