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DK2 not supported

YonnyYonny Posts: 4
hey so I just installed the new store and all that for occulus but now its saying my dk2 isnt supported..... are they not going to add support for the people that already have a DK2? because Im not going to spend another $500 to get another vr headset when I already have one...... any thoughts?


  • chomiczechomicze Posts: 3
    It says it's not supported, but it works just fine. They are just stating that they no longer support DK2 because of CV1 - which is understandable, because DK2 never was a finished product for customers.
    I've got mine hooked though, and it's great fun and works without problems.
  • BoondawgleBoondawgle Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    You should not expect it to work long term, but it might. I am also happy it is working but am looking forward to CV1 as soon as it ships.
  • YonnyYonny Posts: 4
    yeah I just wish they would continue support for it as it was an expensive product and I dont want to have to spend another $500
  • chomiczechomicze Posts: 3
    I don't see it changing before they release Oculus v2.0. I mean what could possibly not work? Only thing that comes in mind is Oculus Touch, and how will it be connected to the goggles, that may cause some problems with older hardware, but otherwise all software should work perfectly fine.
  • SyntheticSynthetic Posts: 704
    I can def see DK2 stop working with a not so in the future update
    Its why im working on getting a new headset (prolly CV1)
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