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Virtual Desktop vs DK2 vs Oculus Home vs Graphics Card, The Epic Journey Continues


I have been having  a hellova time trying to get this stuff to work, and it seems every time I figure something out, another thing pops up.

First, I couldn't get anything recognized on my laptop. I could get into Oculus Home and play Lucky's but that's it. No Steam, no 360videos, etc.

So after a week of searching the forums, I was able to do 2 things to help out, and I will share them here:

1. If you have any extra desktops open in Windows 10, close them. If you don't know how to do this, it's easy- look for the SQUARE BOX with the [ ] around it. It's right next to the unused Cortana. If you see Desktop one, Desktop 2, etc, close them down till you got one.

2. My laptop has One HDMI, ONE MiniDisplayPort, and ONE VGA. I connected the DK2's HDMI cable to a little converter I found at Office Depot for 30 bucks, which plugged right into the MiniDisplayPort. Then I plugged in a second monitor to the VGA.

3. I went into my NVidia control panel and changed the Global settings from Auto to GTX 970.


I come back and HEY! SteamVR works! I tried opening Virtual Desktop in Steam and it told me it wouldn't do it unless I had a motion controller. Grr.

Okay so I shut down Steam, restarted.

Oculus Home decided to start up without my asking- kinda like whut- but I donned my rift and selected Virtual Desktop. (I had redeemed the code days ago and dl'd it, but never was able to use it.)

When it came up, the stars were visible but the desktop was not. I opened the VD Settings, and checked it out- my Frame Rate was 5fps, and my Capture Rate was 0fps. I turned on the Performance HUD, checked it through the rift, and saw all my dropped frames. GRRRRRRR.

So I right clicked on my Windows Icon, selected System, Advance Properties, and changed my System Memory. I ramped it up as high as I thought was safe, and restarted.

Oculus Home popped right back up again on start, and I fired up VD to see what I could see.


BUT I HAVE 75FPS FRAME RATE NOW!!!!! I still have 0fps Capture Rate, but the point is that little by little, I'm whittling this problem down.

So if any of you have had similar experiences, try some of the things I've tried, and see if they help! :)

System Memory affected my Frame Rate, but what will affect my Capture Rate? I'm not sure what Capture involves, and the last hour of Forum Hunting has yielded nothing. I've been using Reddit, Steam and Oculus Forums, are all dedicated tabs in my browser, and I check them constantly, and I've been going through older posts to see if older ways of fixing things might have a hint of solution somewhere.

So, I charge the next shift with:

1. Capture Rate, how and why, narrated by James Earl Jones.
2. Any Other Useful Forums? narrated by Michael Caine and Demi Lovato.

Good night!


  • Just found this post via google search for my graphics card woes (described in detail here)... figured you could use some answers if you still need them.

    1. I've used Virtual Desktop in both Windows 7 and Windows 10, and I can tell you that there's nothing to worry about with the capture rate, unless your frame rate is super low... Basically, to sum it up, in Windows 10 (prob 8 too), the capture rate is as low as it needs to be. If there is nothing going on your desktop, and your mouse is not moving, it should be 0-1fps, because there's nothing new to render. If you have a movie going that's 23.976fps, it should be that (rounded up to 24fps probably), or 25, or 29.97 depending on the video. If it's a game running at 60, it should be 60fps, and if your mouse in some sort of constant motion, you might see it at some random number close to that. These values are also dependent on how much your graphics card can handle obviously. I have a Radeon HD 6950 and get those values, which is like a 5 year old card, so I can't imagine yours would be much different. Since you're trying this on a laptop though, I'm not sure how comparable it would be. HOWEVER if you're running Windows 7, it'll be the refresh rate of the monitor it's capturing (usually 60fps or so), and might seem kind of choppy or nauseating.

    As described, there's a huge difference in running Virtual Desktop under Windows 7 and 10, and is worth the upgrade, although it sounds like you're already at 8 or 10. With that said though, you're problem seems kind of vague. If you're trying to run it on a laptop, it might be limited to the hardware of that laptop regardless of OS.

    2. when it's not too preachy is a great community to find information from, although some answers can be kind of non-technical or vague.
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