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Forget The Rift, Gear VR is the Only Headset Worth Buying

DilipDilip Posts: 252
Nexus 6
edited April 2016 in Samsung Gear VR
Article on Gizmodo talk about benefit of Gear VR over HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Really if Samsung play all cards right by ironing out few silhouettes here and there its fully wire free and hassle free platform like no other. You need to try all 3 before form any opinion though.


  • EmberFoxEmberFox Posts: 40
    Brain Burst
    ooooo~ I tried gearVR last week & it was honestly amazing ! so much I literally just paid an upgrade fee to get rid of my iphone & ordered my first galaxy, the S7 edge. I hope I like the phone xD I was just so excited by the gearVR I had to have it to hold me over till  me rift arrives, I was wondering how it compared to the actual rift though
  • GenetixStudioGenetixStudio Posts: 770
    Positional tracking is pretty important to me - the gear does look awesome, but I don't have the right phone to run it... On the other hand, I'm looking to games like Cronos, Lucky's Talke, EV, etc that are a significant step up from many of the Gear VR games (Radial G comes to mind). It still looks pretty awesome, and definitely one way to experience VR for those who don't have a solid computer or the money for a truly advanced VR system.
  • DilipDilip Posts: 252
    Nexus 6
    edited April 2016
    Do post your first hand review and comparison when you have both... a small favor to community!

    Big GVR advantage is being totally wire free Big disadvantage is no positional tracking.

    Still Congrats to leave past leaching apple closed doors, welcome to freedom of android world
    My small tips for best android experience.

    1) Always install only those apps which are needed

    2) Don't shy away from good cleaner ( I use Clean Master) push clean at least once a day.

    3) Use only Class 10/Premium Memory Card.

    4) keep at least 20% of available storage always free.
    5) Most important << Disable auto update in play store most apps are releasing
        updated version twice a week, what on earth they are updating so rapidly
        IMO its just ok to update manually selective apps when you feel its 20/25 days
        since your last update, Some app like whats app,Google Map,Google,Google+
        and Hangouts you can update every week but disable update helps a lot
        your phone will not consuming data like hungry goldfish, even if data doesn't matter
        it will free SoC from burden.
  • bp2008bp2008 Posts: 256
    I don't know about you guys but when I tried GearVR on my S7 Edge, it had the worst judder of any VR I have yet experienced. It had the same black smearing problems as the DK2.  Screen protectors hurt the VR image quality, and you have to take your phone out of its case before putting it in the Gear VR.  You also have to unlock the phone and insert it while it is unlocked.

    Oh, and then the battery which normally lasts 3 to 4 days is dead in 3 hours or less.  On the bright side, I never had it give me a temperature warning but that is likely only because S7 is faster than the phones the games were designed for.
  • ZoomieZoomie Posts: 1,777 Valuable Player
    I can see GearVR having a massive edge in ease of use.  Being wireless is something the rest of the VR community only dreams about.  

    However, even PSVR is suffering in processing capability compared to Vive and Rift.  PC attached VR HMD are in a completely different class of product.  It's like comparing PSP against the PS console.
    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
    - Arthur C Clarke
  • TremFTremF Posts: 96
    I'd rather have wired AND positional tracking than wireless and no positional tracking. Wireless is pretty useless if you aren't going anywhere anyway :P
  • EmberFoxEmberFox Posts: 40
    Brain Burst

    @bp2008&nbsp;  I had tried it on an regular s7 & s6, some applications did have juddering or lag but most played really well except when streaming video instead of downloading it. it really is a big battery drainer on both phones. the s6 would get heating warnings very often, didn't see any on the s7, like you said. I did not have the unlocking problem on either phone though? but neither had passwords to unlock either, did you have a password on yours ??  .

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