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Mind Unleashed - Sci-fi FPS

WelbyWelby Posts: 1,065 Oculus Start Member
edited July 2016 in Showcase
Hi everybody!

It's Andrea here. I'm the CEO of the Frost Earth Studio and i'd like to show you what i was working on this last months!

I'm not gonna leave too much details here because a lot of them are already available on our Steam page,but please take your time to check our game called Mind Unleashed.

It's a sci-fi fps title developed from the ground up for Virtual Reality so we've highly tried to reduced motion sickness with smart movements (Costant flying movements,HUD etc) and we're still sperimenting so expect new patches and new improvements even after the game is released.

The game will has a really little price.. really.. really little since we really want to give you a quick title to check in VR and have fun with a really little investment.

That said,let me know if you have any feedbacks,suggestions,i'd glad to invite you all to write on the Steam Page for whatever doubts or feedback.

And please don't hesitate to ask questions.. and i'll be really glad to reply at all of them :)


- Andrea


  • BagnetBagnet Posts: 120
    Looks very nice :)
  • WelbyWelby Posts: 1,065 Oculus Start Member
  • PowerboyPowerboy Posts: 95
    Hiro Protagonist
    Niceeee! I want it now! When will be out?
  • WelbyWelby Posts: 1,065 Oculus Start Member
    The game will be purchasable on 22 April! :smile: 
  • WelbyWelby Posts: 1,065 Oculus Start Member
    Just wanted to let you know we've also able to have presence on "made with unity"!

    If you want to check it you can do it here:

    We're getting closer! 
  • WelbyWelby Posts: 1,065 Oculus Start Member
    Hi guys. The game will be available tomorrow!

    We had a little bit of delay but now we're ready!

    Come and check it out : :smile: 
  • WelbyWelby Posts: 1,065 Oculus Start Member
    Mind Unleashed is NOW LIVE at 2.54$ on Steam!

  • DerekSpeareDerekSpeare Posts: 204
    Nexus 6
    I'm in - well give it a go tomorrow...I really liked the video and you can't beat the price!  Good luck with your efforts!
  • WelbyWelby Posts: 1,065 Oculus Start Member
    Thanks Derek i appreciate!

    Let me know what you think and if you're going to enjoy it,a positive review can just help us a lot! :)

  • DerekSpeareDerekSpeare Posts: 204
    Nexus 6
    edited May 2016
    Hi Andrea - yes, I like it so has sort of a Descent-meets-Doom vibe for me.  I've not had much time so far, but I have a couple of observations/suggestions.

    Allow the user to use the mouse/keyboard as his chosen input control scheme and allow him to clear out all of the analogue inputs if he wishes.  There seem to be a number of controller functions that can be mapped as the user wants, but they appear to be a bit ambiguous to me as to what they do.  You also need to have a recenter function that can be mapped to the user's input control as he wants.

    I personally like when developers keep the user's control devices open ended and not force a certain type of controller on him.  Lots of folks use mouse/keyboard for shooters.  Please take that into consideration :)
  • WelbyWelby Posts: 1,065 Oculus Start Member
    edited May 2016
    Hi and thanks for the suggestions Derek.

    Yes i'm working on the chance to map the keys as you want.

    However i'd really reccomend to play with gamepad on the Oculus RIft. I agree that mouse and keyboard are a best fit for shooter on PC,but when it's on VR the mouse usually increase a lot the motion sickness!

    However i'll give that option on the next update,thanks for the feedback! :)

  • WelbyWelby Posts: 1,065 Oculus Start Member
    Mind Unleashed is now 50% off during the Steam SUMMER SALE! :)
  • WelbyWelby Posts: 1,065 Oculus Start Member
    Latest Update Release Note:

    - Added Mouse sensitivity option
    - Reduced number of enemies of the second wave
    - Increase of 25% number of ammo of each weapon
    - Added a button on menus to switch between Gamepad hoykeys and Keyboard hotkeys

    With this latest updates i hope to have solved some of thee most annoying things people said about the game.

    Let me know any feedback :smile:
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