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Who is playing PC games with the Gear VR?

BodhidharmazenBodhidharmazen Posts: 17
edited April 2016 in Samsung Gear VR
I can do it, but cannot enable head tracking. Anyone have sorted this out? So far, only in Tomb Raider the head tracking works, and in Live For Speed, using the mouse input, but it is useless because its lack of accuracy. Apparently some people have been able to do it with other car simulators (Assetto Corsa and Project Cars) which is my goal.. but I cant. No head tracking on those :(


  • DilipDilip Posts: 163
    Not worth the efforts, end result is not satisfying at all. In past struggled with TRIDEF+TrinusVR+China Cardboard. Given up long ago as understood its limitations and futileness of end experience.

    For novelty you will try it for 5 minutes but i can bet you cant have half an hour session on it no matter how many parameters you change.

    This all talk was about Cardboard with Phone and PC Games. Taking Gear VR is even harder due to fact that it does not allow data pass over USB and LImelight or Trinus over WIFI is very laggy even on cardboard so must be same with Gear VR.

    Best suggestion ..leave it be.
  • HowiepoohsHowiepoohs Posts: 35
    Brain Burst
    I've been playing Quake. I remember when it first came out and now playing it in VR takes it to another level. The graphics are showing their age and it can bring on motion sickness but it's the best FPS I have played on it so far. It's also the only one lol. So yes, sort of.
  • strokercratestrokercrate Posts: 179
    If you have a decent pc and networking/tether it can work decently
  • SpineDocSpineDoc Posts: 87
    Hiro Protagonist

    I've been wondering about this as well.  I've played around with TrinusVR and moonlighting, and Steam streaming with  my Gear VR and some games work decently with head tracking.  Witcher works decently, MGS4 works quite well, GTAV doesn't work well, just to name a few.  The control scheme is what makes it difficult, and I can't seem to separate head tracking from turning the entire body with most games.  I've played Quake this way as well and it works perfectly, other than having to puke every 10 minutes or so, I think this will be the Rift's weakness until they can do Room scale.

    I'm surprised that there is not a lot of chatter on this.  Oculus and/or Steam should be making tools available to retrofit older games for VR, of course those updates would be sold as DLC and make money for everyone.  I'd be more than happy to pay for a VR retrofit.

    PS: GTAV in particular is quite incredible in VR.  I can't wait to get an experience like that with a game and hardware actually designed for it.

  • strokercratestrokercrate Posts: 179
    Everything comes back around. All top notch retro games eventually get remade with new tech, some more than once (doom) Give it time and we will be playing old school games in vr.
  • thomahawk0217thomahawk0217 Posts: 1
    It's possible with trinus(no gear vr head tracking just phone) or with stream theater. The problems you will run into are lag due to connection speeds but if you have a good router and you aren't too far from it pc games are definitely playable I think Half Life 2 is pretty amazing on the gear. I actually made a couple tutorials on how to do it if you need help.
  • BodhidharmazenBodhidharmazen Posts: 17
    edited April 2016
    oops I have an ati card :( but thanks thomahawk
  • BodhidharmazenBodhidharmazen Posts: 17
    edited April 2016
    quake yes... I have to try it
  • htorreshtorres Posts: 53
    I am. Using Stream Theater and a Nvidia card. Everything from GTA V to Planet Coaster to Mame.
  • i've heard people attaching a gyroscopic mouse to their heads to give the head tracking inputs
  • htorreshtorres Posts: 53
    Stream Theater already uses head tracking.
  • godwispergodwisper Posts: 203
    Nexus 6
    someone tried to stream oculus games on the gear vr ? The gearvr seems to have better optics (comparing gearvr store to Oculus home on DK2) 
  • Nvidia cards? oops.. Ok, got it.. good info
  • mm did a bit of research to decide which Nvidia card to buy... but the whole stream theater is just a screen??? A virtual screen? That's not what I want.. I want to be IMMERSE inside the game, not seeing the game in a virtual screen.
  • strokercratestrokercrate Posts: 179
    Trinus if your system and network can handle it.
  • My system handles trinus no problem.. but no head tracking, except with Tomb Raider.. I want HT for racing simulation games
  • paulieknewportpaulieknewport Posts: 1
    If Anyone is still looking for a good solution for gear vr/pc gameplay vridge works pretty well with a decent nvidia card.
    there is also an app called phonecast for the galaxy s8 and s8+..
  • cleanupdisccleanupdisc Posts: 210
    Nexus 6
    In squidwards voice from spongebob “2 years later”. Lol
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