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Is there any way to reorient the main screen for lying down?

SpineDocSpineDoc Posts: 87
Hiro Protagonist
I know there is a way to reorient cinema and also in the Samsung internet browser, but I can't figure out how to reorient in the main screen.  I'd love to be able to use my Gear VR lying down.  Anyone know?


  • strokercratestrokercrate Posts: 179
    Only in void theater and netflix void for now
  • TheBlueCatTheBlueCat Posts: 5
    edited November 2018
    And now ... 2 and a half years later?
    Come on Oculus / Samsung guys, please sort this out. How difficult can it be to allow the ceiling to act like looking forward, resetting the horizon or whatever needs to be done. Maybe in gameplay it might prove problematic in practice (but then who really wants to actively play a game that requires a great deal of head movement while lying in bed?! ... but even then it should be a personal choice) but certainly for a general 360 VR look-around / video watching experience it should be a piece of cake - it's just a simple software adjustment!! A lot of people complaining about this over the last 2 years & I can't seem to find an official response to say if or when we can expect something...  :'(
  • TheBlueCatTheBlueCat Posts: 5
    Aah. I've been having trouble posting a comment (which may or may not appear below this one in due course) & just noticed a small, very fleeting notification at the bottom of the screen telling me it'll post when authorised,

    Sorry if whoever is authorising it has now got 10 or 20 of them as I thought my computer was playing up & kept reposting, TBC x
  • TheBlueCatTheBlueCat Posts: 5
    I wish I'd done more research before buying this now as the main reason for getting it was to watch things in bed without waking up my girlfriend. It would be wonderful to be able to roam universes / watch 360 video / watch while using the (really quite lovely) 360 Netflix environment (well done you guys) while lying in bed & be able to continually readjust the 'forward view' in order to navigate the 360 world without having to move one's head [perhaps by using 2 fingers on the side pad like on many computer apps].

    I hope you don't mind me bothering you @imperativity but I read somewhere that you are a mover & shaker in this world. Hope there's a ray of hope somewhere on the [moveable] horizon...
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    You are approved.
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