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No Xbox controller DK2 x360ce Runtime 1.3.1 Cant Run Anything

CapzorCapzor Posts: 8

The DK2 used to work just fine in 1.3.0.

Oculus updated itself to 1.3.1, now I can't get past this:
"Set your view in VR"
"Press the A button to continue"

Because I do not have an xbox controller.
I have a logitech controller, tried x360ce (xbox controller emulator thing) but I can't get it to work.
VERY frustrating.

Anyone know how to get around this or how to get x360ce to work with the oculus setup thing?



  • Furd_TurgesonFurd_Turgeson Posts: 1
    edited April 2016
    I'm stuck at the same spot (with DK2); although I do have a 360 controller that is fully recognized in Win7, but doesn't seem to work with the Oculus Setup. There is no option to skip. Launching the Dreamdeck will also prompt the setup screen.
  • ThugThug Posts: 435
    Similar thing here too.
    I have a DK2, W10 64bit an and xbox360 controller.
    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    Just played a game of Pcars, but the display was off centre a little, so I came out of the game and back in, the controller wouldn't work at all, so could do a thing.
    Even coming out of Home and trying different USB sockets didn't do a thing either.
    CPU: Intel i7-5820k @3.30GHz,
    Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GTX1080,
    RAM: 16GB DDR5,
    Viewed on: Oculus Rift or 28" BenQ monitor (x2),
    Hard Drive: 240GB OCZ SSD (games), 128GB Samsung SSD (OS), 64GB SSD (3d),
    OS: Win 10 64 bit
  • tdeyrestdeyres Posts: 2
    Hi ,
    I have a DK2 ,W7 64 and it works .. see my blog
  • CapzorCapzor Posts: 8
    edited April 2016
    Thank you so much tdeyres, that really helps. If you don't mind I did a google translate to english and copied it here:
    tdeyres said:
    Hi ,
    I have a DK2 ,W7 64 and it works .. see my blog

    (translated by google)
    Oculus 1.3 x360ce Indeed many of us have a DK2 (Oculus Rift Dev Mode Version 2). Since the release of 1.3 Runtime that is actually consistent with our DK2 jumping all calibration steps in the installation (If If it works ^^), it enjoys a superb environment and include increased power of our toy. Only Bémol the controller!Indeed many of you still stuck on "Press Buton a" on the page of some demos or games. after I plucked the hair for hours to run my Logitech Cordless Rumble Pad 2 with x360ce emulator to emulate my Pad Xbox360 controller, I board finally find a parade .. despite having read on the net that ! could not be used because x360ce not supported by Unity which actually has nothing to do in our context it just simply: 
    Download x360ce the decompress in the folder: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Oculus \ Support \ oculus home 
    L'perform, creates xinput1_3.dll dll, is valid with Next and then Finish.  
    Make sure your controller works and click save. 
    then rename the xinput1_3.dll DLL -> xinput9_1_0.DLL. 
    launched oculus Home and your A button finally works :) 
    for all the app's or games or you want to emulate the pad, simply reproduce the same procedure in each game file downloaded by HOME it found in:C: \ Program Files (x86 ) \ Oculus \ Software Well it always helps out. Good experience RVs for you 
    One point, not all games work with the same name for the dll, some games need different settings.

    For example, to get oculus dreamdeck to work, i had to do the following:

    Put the x360ce_x64 exe here:
    Program Files (x86)\Oculus\Software\oculus-dreamdeck\WindowsNoEditor\Dreamdeck\Binaries\Win64
    and use the xinput1_3.dll.

    Some games use the 32 bit x360ce, or need different name dll.

  • JFCrielaardJFCrielaard Posts: 1
    How can you find our the .dll file name requirements? Like when should it me 1_3 when something else. And if it is something do I find out??
  • tdeyrestdeyres Posts: 2
    No problems OBrom  ;)

    JFCrielaard : the xinput library files exist with several different names and some games require a change in its name. Known names:
    • xinput1_4.dll
    • xinput1_3.dll
    • xinput1_2.dll
    • xinput1_1.dll
    • xinput9_1_0.dll

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