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Audio crackling in CV1

Hi guys,

My CV1 arrived (yay!), but I'm having some problems with the audio.

Usually in scenes with multiple overlaid sounds (such as the Apollo 11 VR scenes with lots of music, sound effects, and vocal samples playing over each other) there will be significant audio glitching and crackling. When there are no sounds playing, there is no crackling, which leads me to believe it is a software, rather than hardware, issue.

As far as I can tell, all my drivers are up to date.

Any ideas?

My specs:

Windows 10 64bit
i5 2500k (overclocked to 4.3ghz)
8gb DDR2 ram
GTX980ti OC'd
Asus Xonar DX sound card
Samsung 250GB SSD (oculus home and apps are on this drive)


  • SyntheticSynthetic Posts: 704
    edited April 2016
    its an earthing or interference issue with your audio signal... try other USB or your Case USBs also try getting rid of wifi signals and magnetic speakers if you have any
  • JamalarmJamalarm Posts: 4
    The crackling only happens when sounds are playing. Shouldn't I expect it to happen all the time if it was a grounding/interference issue?
  • SyntheticSynthetic Posts: 704
    edited April 2016
    the most common reson is interference or grounding of the back IO ports, it could be your mobo interfering with the signal as well.... thats why many motherboards isolate the onboard soundcard

    it could be something else tho but I have no idea... clean installs fresh audio codecs and drivers.... usb drivers bios updates... taken that sonar sound card out andjust used usb? left the sonar in and just used the analogue jack?

    its a bugger to get rid of when you cant find it, maybe other people have suggestions 
  • JamalarmJamalarm Posts: 4
    Do we know how the sound is sent in CV1? I'm using the built in headphones so assuming the sound is sent via some kind of digital encoded format through HDMI or USB and put through a DAC in the headset? 

    If that's the case it wouldn't seem like a grounding issue.... I'll try messing around taking the discrete sound card out.
  • JamalarmJamalarm Posts: 4
    I stand corrected. After randomly changing USB ports for a while, the crackling went away. Hurrah! Thanks
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