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Fantastic Contraption dev about Rift room scale.


  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 5,712 Volunteer Moderator
    ...and Touch availability
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  • ZoomieZoomie Posts: 1,777 Valuable Player
    edited April 2016
    This is the encouraging part to me:
    ... For now, Moore stresses that porting between the Rift and Vive isn't as taxing as one might think.
    "I mean, we're using Unity so most of it is drag and drop kind of easiness, but I think the APIs are pretty much identical and identically easy to get into," he said. "We started development on Contraption before we had the Vive dev kit, and converting that to work in Steam VR took three to four hours, and doing the same going to the Oculus API, that was another three to four hours. It's almost nothing. You could have taken a half day off and gotten it all done."
    In fact, if you're a developer with the Touch development kit you can try it now, since Steam VR supports the Rift. "If you have a Rift and hands and cameras you can boot up Steam and play Contraption," he said. "It works. It's already in the game."

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