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360 3D images, how do I view my own?

frakkefrakke Posts: 2


I'm trying to get to view some 3D LR images and some 360 3D images in the "360 photos" in the Oculus Home. It has such images as part of the demo material, but I can't get my own to work. I've tried the naming scheme suggested here: but it doesn't do the trick.

It would be great to also add this to the documentation.



  • hubickhubick Posts: 70
    Hiro Protagonist
    I found an "OculusPhotos" folder under "Pictures" in my home directory and just dropped my equirectangular panorama jpg files in there and they showed up automatically with no special naming at all. Unfortunately, almost all the ones I tried, except one, cause 360 Photo's to crash (I assume because they're really big) :-(
  • joewkingjoewking Posts: 9
    edited June 2017
    What about panoramas?  it seems there is no way to view a 360 3d panorama with a Samsung 8.  I have tried renaming the files as directed and I am not seeing the stereo effect.  all I see are 4 versions of the same pano below the selected, and when I click into one, they seem distorted.  I am rendering cubic, 12:1 and have tried TB and SBS.  nothing is working.  I have found posts in other places reporting, the latest update for the viewer is full of bugs and missing features.  Anyone know what's going on?
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