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Will my mobile CPU work with 980 Ti

NacaryusNacaryus Posts: 228
Nexus 6
Hi, i own an Alienware 17 R2 with i7 4710HQ and planning to buy an amplifier along with a 980 ti to use Occulus.. Geforce experience puts i7 6700HQ as minimum requirement..So Anyone has any idea if i could run it with 4710?


  • SkateZillaSkateZilla Posts: 171
    nVidia Optimus doesnt work w/ Rift.
  • NacaryusNacaryus Posts: 228
    Nexus 6
    As i said, i will use a graphics amplifier with a 980ti...Optimus wont be a problem with this setup i read
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    It can work, but it's not officially supported. However, the people I've heard in the community that have tried it had success.
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  • NacaryusNacaryus Posts: 228
    Nexus 6
    Why its not supported i dont understand, people paid lots of money to buy high end laptops with high end mobile GPUs when there was not desktop GPU 980 in a laptop; and like me, willing to spend more to experience the rift but you say it can work but it is not supported..Well you made an impressing machine, test it on an amplifier and if it works then support it for GODS sake and save us from the guilt of buying an expensive laptop a bit soon, is it so hard?
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