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About canceling the order !

NacaryusNacaryus Posts: 228
Nexus 6
Hi. I am planning to buy OR soon and it says august as estimated shipping time.. Is this time time table can be trusted, i will start living abroad at the end of september and want to take rift with me..But if they decide to push the shipping date forward, i wont be here to take it.. So my question is if i could cancel the order anytime before it is shipped to me?


  • AmatyrAmatyr Posts: 28
    Brain Burst
    You don't get charged until they ship and you could definitely cancel if you have to nearer the time.
  • NacaryusNacaryus Posts: 228
    Nexus 6
    thank you
  • aimsoppaimsopp Posts: 54
    or change your shipping address to where ever you are residing abroad? or have family ship it to you after its received by them... it just depends on where you will be living if oculus will ship there but if they wont then again... family or friends could receive it for you and send it to you after.
  • NacaryusNacaryus Posts: 228
    Nexus 6
    Well i am moving somewhere that even if you someone could send it safe, it will be taxed very highly at the customs or even not enter the country at all..i need to take it with me :smile: 
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