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Is DK1 dead? Need instructions please

comrbakcomrbak Posts: 143
Hey guys,

my Rift CV1 is delayed like for almost everyone here. So I though I should check out DK1 again, since I didn't use it anymore since early 2014 because of nausea (like 2 mins after smelling just the foam of DK1...).
But things changed apparently, DK1 doen`t seem to work like it did before, by just loading the latest software and install the Demos. Is it still usable at all? While keeping up with the development of the DK2 and CV1 I lost track in DK1 usage.
Could someone give me a advice how to get it running again? Is there a list of demos, which still work with DK1?
Any suggestions are highly apprecianted :-).

Best regards!
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  • Cyph3rCyph3r Posts: 79
    Brain Burst
    I think 0.5 was the last run time to support the DK1? I'm not entirely sure. My DK1 has been packed up for a long time now.

    DK2 works perfect though!
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  • MelhadfMelhadf Posts: 26
    0.8 works, and then you need to use vive software from steam.  Oculus have removed api functions that the DK1 needs.
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