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Failed to connect to port 443 time out. someboy can help me?

abelmouabelmou Posts: 3
I downloaded and installed Oculus tool ,When I loging meet this


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 25,350 Oculus Staff
    Could be a firewall blocking the connection.
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  • abelmouabelmou Posts: 3
    I turned off it,but no effect.
  • sx4452sx4452 Posts: 2
    me too, can anybody give some advice?
  • sbfhhhsbfhhh Posts: 1
    same problem,reinstall many times still no effect
  • sandonschoolsandonschool Posts: 1
    edited May 2016

    We are having the same issue...

  • MradrMradr Posts: 2,444 Poster of the Week
    Firewall or anti virus. Even if you turn your firewall off at the pc level there maybe one up the food chain of your network.
  • FingerMcPokeyeFingerMcPokeye Posts: 240
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    Use the telnet client (add the windows component).  Confirm a TCP connection to fails, then confirm you can hit a known good address.

    From a command line:
    telnet 443
    telnet 443

    Failure will tell you so.
    Success will give a blank screen.

    If both fail then it's likely something local.

    "Tracert" will give you all the hops between you and the server.  A firewall giving you trouble is likely on one of the first few hops.

  • andrinosandrinos Posts: 12
    @FingerMcPokeye I have 11 hops... is that normal?

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