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Halo effect / glare / lens flare

rsamgzrsamgz Posts: 16

I am having the same issue reported here:

It is fairly disruptive, to the point of not enjoying using CV1 at all. Does anyone know what the status of this issue is? Is this something to get support directly from Oculus, rather than the forum?

I have uploaded a picture I just took here:

I do not know if the issue around the border is normal, but I don't think "REP" and "EXI" should have that. In fact I do not remember it being so obvious previously.

I posted at the end of the aforementioned conversation, but it seems dead.



  • Blyss4226Blyss4226 Posts: 549
    Since you linked this in my thread:

    I confirm that your image is pretty much what I see. The effect around the border of the lens is due to the camera being pulled back from it further than your eye would be.

    There are ways to mitigate it. It's effectively always there, but it's only visible and distracting when there is a big difference in contrast. But for instance in Lucky's Tale - you can find godrays if you look hard, but they never distract from the gameplay. I finished the game and the only time you see annoying level of godrays is when you exit back to the book and the display is showing the book before the rest of the background loads in(so it's bright on black background).

    Vive has it too, but in a different way. Some say Vive's is more tolerable because it spreads over the larger fresnel ridges, some say it's more annoying because it's more unnatural in shape. But basically for this generation the best option is to avoid making scenes like that in VR stuff.

    As I said in the other thread, rumor has it PSVR uses a multiple element lens to get both edge clarity and avoid godrays. We will see.
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