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A beginner's guide to EVE Valkyrie

Hey everyone,

I have just completed my beginner's guide to EVE Valkyrie over on CrossingZebras. CZ is an EVE Community website dedicated to news relating to CCP Game's universe of EVE Online (Including titles EVE Online, EVE GunJack, EVE Dust514 (reborn under codename EVE Nova, and now EVE Valkyrie). 

I know many of you are not registered on Valkyrie forums but for those of you who find you login to Valkyrie with no foreknowledge and friends that actively play, you are starting way behind the curve. To remedy this please check out my article, be sure to register on official Valkyrie forums, and come join us on the unofficial Discord voice chat.

Begginer's Guide to Valkyrie (External link to
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