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newly bought game not showing up in Oculus Home

CharlieHobbesCharlieHobbes Posts: 555
This is a new one for me. 

I just bought Fated in the Oculus Home store, received the email receipt but the game isn't showing up in home. 

I could swear I installed it but it's not in the installed or uninstalled screen.

I'm puzzled.


  • CharlieHobbesCharlieHobbes Posts: 555
    Oh and when I look in Oculus store it is still offering me the option to buy it...
  • CharlieHobbesCharlieHobbes Posts: 555
    and if I click on in the store it says: 
    "you have purchased this item before"

  • tannerctannerc Posts: 7
    Did you try turning it (the computer) off and on again?
  • DchapzxDchapzx Posts: 71
    Hiro Protagonist
    Check your library in the app / if you can not see it close the app restart your pc try again it should show up in your library but falling that log out of the app and log back in good luck .
  • CharlieHobbesCharlieHobbes Posts: 555
    Restarting didn't work yesterday, but I just left the computer on and forgot about it and it's in the installed game list this morning. All sorted.
  • OculusmattOculusmatt Posts: 10
    I Guess you could have only sign out and sign in and that should ive worked too

  • iwiw Posts: 1
    I have same issue, on gear vr. Bought in the store. Not showing up in the library as bought. Same message you already own the app (ok so let me download it then!)
  • 001RealityHead001RealityHead Posts: 2
    I'm having the same issue.  Bought a game, shows that I bought it in "recent purchases", but it's not showing up.  When I try to buy it again, it says "you have already purchased this item" or whatever.
  • lasteyes002lasteyes002 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem.  I bought SuperHot, but it's not showing up.  I have restarted.  I am up to date.  I can see it in my purchased history, and it won't let me purchase it because it says I've already purchased it.   I'm seeing this same complaint elsewhere on the web, what's going on?
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