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Anyone developed on Unity with the Razer Hydra that could help me out?

SigmousSigmous Posts: 1
I'd like to have a full 360-degree of motion, but whenever turn to the left to try and turn around, the gun gets closer and closer to my face. If I turn to the right, it gets farther away. I'm honestly not sure what's going on, and I'd appreciate any help from more experienced developers.


  • KMXKMX Posts: 41
    Brain Burst
    yes,i have the same problem with my Hydras !!
  • JoseJose Posts: 888
    @Sigmous @KMX I can't see what you're seeing but my intuition is that you're experiencing the "bending" that is normal for the Razer Hydras. The hydras use magnetic pulses to track the position of the wands. But this isn't accurate because metal objects in the area can cause a kind of distortion. There's a small "sweet spot" right in front of the base station where tracking is accurate. But the further away from the base the controllers go, the less accurate they are. The Hydras really are only good for standing forward-facing VR. 360 degree does not work well. Roomscale definitely does not work.

    Read through one of my old threads from 2013:

    In that thread, there is some info about getting accurate tracking with the hydras as well as some hints on what you can do to calibrate the hydras.

    But really you should not expect anything even close to the accuracy of Oculus Touch, Vive controllers, or PSMove. The technology contained in the hydras simply is not adequate. 
  • KMXKMX Posts: 41
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    @Jose ,thanks for your help !!
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