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Computer freezing when headset removed

We have one of the Alienware X51 bundles off of Amazon.  All of the programs we have tried seem to be working fine.  However, about 75% of the time when the user removes the headset the PC seems to freeze - the mouse cursor stops moving on the screen, hitting keys on the keyboard seems to have no effect.  The only way to move forward seems to be to hold down the power button and cause the PC to power cycle.

This would just be a minor annoyance, but quite often it seems like game progress doesn't get saved when the PC freezes up like this and so the kids have had their game progress reset to the beginning a couple of times.


  • mms_qmms_q Posts: 1
    I have a custom-built PC with the same issue. It's quite annoying, as I have a RAID array that has to be rebuilt after this happens (not all the times, but it takes a long time to rebuild).
  • jclizzeyjclizzey Posts: 2
    I am having the same issue.  Any ideas on how to prevent this from happening?
  • MacrotronicsDemo1MacrotronicsDemo1 Posts: 1
    How can Oculus justify this issue going unanswered IN ANY WAY for 47 days now? Received mine two days ago, set it up today and this exact issue keeps happening. Two complete freezes requiring a reboot so far when removing the HMD, also will sometimes freeze my mouse pointer for a split second, then repeat that every few seconds. soon as Rift home is killed the issue stops. When it works it's awesome but I can't see recommending this thing to customers with the software in this buggy state. Pre-ordered a few days after they started taking them, kind of wishing I had cancelled now.
  • jclizzeyjclizzey Posts: 2
    Hey guys.  I MAY have fixed my problem.  If you have Windows 10 go to Power Options -> Change Plan Setting ->Change Advance Power Settings -> USB Settings -> USB selective setting -> Disable.  So far so good for me when I did this.
  • GoobersGoobers Posts: 294
    Im curious as to why you wouldn't save a game before unhooking devices.

    and maybe it's freezing because you're still actively using the devices? Like oh, say the game you said is freezing and can't save.
  • a1studmuffina1studmuffin Posts: 1
    Thank you so much jclizzey, your solution fixed my issue too, I'm on a mid-2015 ASUS ROG gaming laptop and when this issue was happening, I'd often hear the USB device connected/disconnected noise in Windows. I guess the Rift sensors + headset chew through a serious amount of USB bandwidth, which some laptops might struggle with depending on their architecture?
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