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Importance of same SoC for all Devices

DilipDilip Posts: 257
Nexus 6
I have came across many post referring on this forum that Galaxy S7/S7 Edge has certain issues with Gear VR when used with US Version, While on same thread users who are using EU or Asian Version post those issues are not existing on their G S7/S7 Edge.

This made me wonder as we know last generation of Galaxy series all phones were having Exynos SOC(S6,S6 Edge,Note 5 etc) again in S7 Samsung opted to go for Snapdragon in US and Exynos in EU. When developers are trying to push every drop of performance out of hardware it doesn't seem sensible to make such variations. if Snapdragon and Exynos handle graphics rendering differently and developers who have last developer kit based on Exynos (*GS6) its likely the app developed based on Exynos to take every bit of performance out of it, may or may not work optimally on Snapdragon based S7 and S7 Edge.

For sake of good VR and limitation of sheer numbers of developers Imo its important for manufacturer to Stick to one SoC (ex.Exynos in all regions) so that developers can focus on churning out performance from it.  Or the Oculus SDK should be changed in way that developers can make two versions of final build one for Snapdragon another for Exynos. Ideally store also should have region wise app build. but doing so there may be chances at any point of time developer may have build code that run super amazing on Exynos and Not so good on Snapdragon. There can be variance in updating timings too. like game which was build for S6 on Exynos may get easily updated for S7 Exynos but may take longer for optimizing on S7 Snapdragon.

Why Samsung is not using Exynos for all the flagships which are also meant or VR?


  • obzenobzen Posts: 713
    Nexus 6
    Because VR isn't the primary reason people buy phones for.

    They build their phones according to the market and availability. Kind of strange to me that you can buy a phone and not knowing what's inside, but there you go. Apparently it's a thing now.
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  • DilipDilip Posts: 257
    Nexus 6
    edited May 2016
    Not a good move when company actively promoting VR as feature and reason to buy Galaxy phones
  • DilipDilip Posts: 257
    Nexus 6
    Specialy when exynos are Samsung own made and superior to Snapdragon used in US version. See a nice video...

  • strokercratestrokercrate Posts: 179
    edited May 2016
    I have hated snapdragon for years, I don't understand samsungs insistence on using it over their superior soc. Back in the day it had to do with LTE, which is no longer a problem.
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