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Samsung's Next VR Headset Won't Need a Smartphone

DilipDilip Posts: 252
Nexus 6
Samsung is likey brewing up stand alone Gear VR

While mobile powered Gear VR has many benefits, it has its own set of limitations too. There is absolutely no competition in market where user want to utilize VR for short period recreational purpose and is not a hardcore gamer. Though GAMEFACELABS of UK is trying to make such device from longtime, they are far from market.

Why there is chance of this device to be tremendous hit is Samsung already have good number of Gear VR games, Mobiles do many other things while they are good for VR, They still remain in contact with Cell towers, There are many internal activities going on which eatup power and produce heat. Samsung has Nice SoC like EXYNOS 8890 which can support console class graphics, they already have outer shell in from of Gear VR, they have Tracker IMU from Oculus, They know how to produce light weight batteries. So all sausages are already there.

Why this device could be more attractive than current Gear VR is it will have Single dedicated SOC( No Snapdragon/Exynos Region wise variance) and all Fix Configuration. It will not be consuming battery with background apps, It will not heat up like phone if cooling will be taken care of. Device SoC can focus on VR ditching phone functions. it will automatically become Wireless VR Console all in one. Developers can focus where to put their resources if Samsung can reach wider market with this one.

If Samsung launch something with good amount of processing power, nice battery backup and WIFI enabled stand alone HMD that has complete library of GEAR VR games and NETFLIX and HULU VIdeo apps with MILK VR at price of around $ 300/350 this device can hit the market in face as if you see the cost effectiveness GEAR VR+S7 = $1000 business, PSVR = $400 consol +$400 PSVR+ $100/150 Move+Cam, where as OCULUS CONSUMER and HTC VIVE seat at premium $1500 base. Pricing anything above $500 will kill the glamour too.


  • obzenobzen Posts: 713
    Nexus 6
    edited May 2016
    So basically, an android tablet in a headset. Sounds cool.

    What'd be even cooler if a FPV drone interface to boot. You wanna be cool with the kids, Samsung? Just make it so!
    DK1 FREAK...Ntbt8Ya.gif
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