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Left and right screen reverse

MR0808MR0808 Posts: 1
edited May 2016 in Support

I might not have set something up right, but I have been googling and searching the forums and can't find an answer. I got a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and it came with a Gear VR. I unpacked the Gear VR and unwrapped the plastic and stuck my phone in. Straight away it asked me to install the software which worked fine.

Once that was done, my phone was locked and I plugged it into the VR and I could see the warning about unlocking my phone before plugging it in. When I turned my head, it moved away from the writing as it should.

When I unlocked my phone and plugged it back in, I could see the screen load, but it seemed like the left and right screens were on the wrong way around. I have tried to find a reason for this and am stuck. I cannot get past the first screen to play with it. Can someone please tell me how to get it worked on the S7 Edge?



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