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App switching Possible?

bigTacobigTaco Posts: 6
So I am new to the Rift. Just got my CV1 yesterday. I am finding that when playing a game, take for instance Elite Dangerous, I have the need to refer to my web browser for information. Now I am also using Virtual desktop for use of my full pc. My question is that is there a way to be able to jump to the virtual desktop app and then back to the game without the game shutting down? Something like alt+tab between apps?



  • HeffSacHeffSac Posts: 1
    I am in that same situation, trying to Play Elite Dangerous and want to 'ALT+TAB' to use Virtual Desktop. Alas, I have found the following from a Dev of the Virtual Desktop program:

    Apr 9 [2016] 
    Oculus doesn't support switching apps on the fly like it used to prior to SDK 1.0. So unfortunately you can't do this right now. Vive has a similar approach where only 1 app can render to the headset and switching means the other process has to be killed.

    I really really... REALLY hope Oculus decides to implement this functionality in the near future... so bump this thread!!! 
    Disclaimer: If there is a way.... i just haven't found it yet.
  • wanchai5wanchai5 Posts: 1
    My guess is this still isn't possible.
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,765 Volunteer Moderator
    The Oculus runtime still only allows a single normal VR app to run at a time.
    It's possible to run any number of "Invisible" VR apps (even when one normal app is running), but they are special apps that do no VR rendering. For example my Auto Oculus Touch that only reads the controller tracking and does no rendering itself.
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  • Nekto2Nekto2 Posts: 346
    edited September 7
    @kojack said:
    The Oculus runtime still only allows a single normal VR app to run at a time.
    Still no Alt+tab like in old DOS (pre Windows) times :lol:

    So.... topic starter had asked about browser and that is possible with Dash and virtual desctop.
    Any news on partially VR/2D apps or Dash applets they were talking about some time ago?

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