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Oculus CV1 Display During Boot up ?

ThundaGaidenThundaGaiden Posts: 3
Hi all,
I'm busy troubleshooting why my rift isn't working and have a support ticket but was wondering if you could help out.

Should the rift display anything during boot up if connected ? My dk1 used to show the windows boot screen.

Other than that trying to get to a friends house where I can try it sometime this week.

Cable looks fine, though more than 1 of the hdmi pins don't seem like they're lined up 100% properly.



  • ThundaGaidenThundaGaiden Posts: 3
    Can confirm CV1 does not display anything during boot up. Unfortunately while my DK1 worked with Direct Mode, I haven't had the same luck with my CV1. Can always hope a driver update may fix it, but putting the CV1 with the ASUS ROG G75V as incompatible (it is way under spec too anyways, Nvidia 670m). Steam VR test puts it in the middle of the orange band.
  • ThundaGaidenThundaGaiden Posts: 3
    Worked great on a friends Nvidia 780 desktop, albeit a bit slow too
  • Master-GuyMaster-Guy Posts: 14
    Where the DK were an actual "screen" to Windows, the CV1 is not and seems to use different methods of streaming the correct images to the headset. Because of this, it won't show anything until the Oculus drivers (or alternatives) have been loaded into Windows.
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