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How do Oculus Keys work?

rpandersonrpanderson Posts: 137
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edited May 2016 in Oculus Share
I'm considering using Oculus Keys to distribute apps for my company. But, the documentation doesn't give a full explanation of how exactly how the user uses the key to get the app. Can anyone explain what the user does with the key? What we'd like to do is distribute our GearVR apps outside of the Oculus Store, but without having to sign our apks for each device.

Thanks for any clarity you can provide.


  • sotoabrahamsotoabraham Posts: 46
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    For Gear VR, open the Oculus app on your Galaxy device, click the top left menu icon, in the fly-out menu, at the bottom click the cog/gear symbol, in the setting menu that appears, click "Redeem Code", the user would place his key there and they will be then able to download your app.
  • GenetixStudioGenetixStudio Posts: 770
    They appear to work very similar to a Steam key on the client side - not sure as far how they work on the developers end yet.
  • SicTimSicTim Posts: 49
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    As a user, I've redeemed keys for "Eve Valkyrie" and "Elite Dangerous." All you do is click the gear for options in the Oculus Home desktop app -- not in VR -- and go to settings > enter code.

    Warning: gripe over petty stuff incoming.

    Unfortunately, you can't copy and paste a key. You have to write it down or juggle windows. Also, the key from Oculus was in a font that makes it hard to distinguish Os and 0s, and I spent some time figuring out whether one character was a 1, a lower-case l, or a capital I (it was the latter). 

    Those are problems gamers faced back when you entered keys from boxed games (remember those?). It's a minor thing, but I hope pasting keys is added before Home gets out of beta.
  • sotoabrahamsotoabraham Posts: 46
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    Please see my post above. (Shameless plug) You can also sell your keys on You can see my app Arcade Basketball VR available there too.  You purchase, and on the thank you page you are Given the Oculus key to redeem on your Gear VR
  • jonjon Posts: 297
    Nexus 6
    Using Oculus Home keys is nearly identical to redeeming a code in Steam.

    My only first hand experience with Oculus Home keys was mixed success in getting keys from developers of several applications I had purchased through Steam for Oculus Home.  'Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe', 'Time Machine VR' and 'Virtual Desktop' all distributed keys by different means following Steam purchases.  Among them, the 'Virtual Desktop' developer did it most professionally, with Oculus Home keys being served up either on purchase, install or launch of the application (can't recall which).  Notably, the 'Subnautica' developer was comparatively stubborn about giving out Oculus Home keys and may have a different view to take into account.
  • korzmankorzman Posts: 30
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    SicTim said:
    Unfortunately, you can't copy and paste a key.
    I've redeemed a couple of codes and was able to copy paste into home, but I had to use the CTRL V instead of mouse right click. Maybe give that a try next time, or maybe I'm just lucky.
  • rajesh_oculusrajesh_oculus Posts: 6
    As a part of testing,created oculus Key with one day validity.installed on the Go device. But applications is still working and its almost a end of second day. 

    is that only the Key have expiry ? if that was the case, My application will work forever ?  

  • BeingVRBeingVR Posts: 3
    from a developer perspective, does anyone know how to 'track' use of keys once allocated? ie how many times the app is used, over a specific time period? can't see this level of detail on the oculus dashboard. cheers
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