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A video player that seamlessly transitions from one video to the other?

Hey guys,
I'm working on a project that has multiple 360° videos. I the video to be paused at the end of it and then begin playin the next video when clicked on the GearVR's track-pad.

step 1: vid_01, vid_02 and vid_03  are added to the playlist.
Step 2: Play the plylist.
Step 3: vid_01 starts to play and then pauses at the end of it.
Step 4: User clicks on the track-pad to notion to proceed.
Step 5: vid_02 starts to play seamlessly without any sort of loading icons.
Step 6: vid_02 is paused at its end.
so on and so forth.

Is there such an application out there? Or will it be easy to develop such an application.


  • danworlddanworld Posts: 127
    The native Oculus Video player on Gear VR auto plays the next video after X seconds. I don't know if that works for you.
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