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Why can't I use Gear VR while laying down?

TheMarcoTheMarco Posts: 3
I'm completely baffled by the fact that the Gear VR cannot be used while laying down. I thought nothing would be nicer than to enjoy VR content, play games, watch Milk VR videos etc. while laying in bed before going to sleep. But alas, it does not work. At best you can watch Netflix in Void theater but that's about the only thing that works when you're not sitting upright.

Whyyyyyy???? Samsung, Oculus, being an engineer I know there's really no technical reason for this to not be possible. I sincerely hope this will be fixed in an update. I'm really disappointed that I can't use my Gear VR in this way, Was this use case deliberately overlooked or is this some kind of huge 'oops!' on Samsung / Oculus' side?


  • metros269metros269 Posts: 37
    Brain Burst
    I believe it has to do with the gyroscopic sensors. It knows the orientation of the phone unit and it sees it as looking up. Of couse they can probably add some setting to compensate but there are none as far as I've seen. I try to rest view which works for a bit but goes back to 'normal' when you change videos or apps etc
  • TheMarcoTheMarco Posts: 3
    I totally get the technicalities of it. But from an engineering point of view the only thing that would need to happen is change the zero value for what's horizontal by 90 degrees through some user setting or even by detecting automatically. I'm just so surprised that apparently no one thought of the fact that people will want to use this laying on the couch or in bed?!

  • thealgorithmthealgorithm Posts: 153
    Doesn't the Re-orient option work in the master options menu? Not tried that myself yet actually
  • jrs69jrs69 Posts: 154
    turn off tracking at least at the app level Most viewers allow this
  • AnotherCrazyCanadianAnotherCrazyCanadian Posts: 321
    Nexus 6
    Have to agree with OP here, it's very dissapointing you can't do this. This would be way better at night rather than having to crane your neck at a bad angle to watch your iPad.
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  • darkangel6415darkangel6415 Posts: 148
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    Yeah I can't watch adult sites sitting up, that is just so weird and wrong call me old fashioned they need to allow usage laying down
  • This is extremely ridiculous. You should be able to orient how ever you want to in "virtual" reality. Bringing up the settings/ back menu should be possible in any orientation to reorient however you want. Correct me if i am wrong but you are not "recommended" to be in motion while using the gear any ways right? That leaves sitting and laying down... and why would you be forced to be sitting while simply watching tv or a movie all the time? The only thing I can possible think of is that you could fall asleep, but if i do and subsequently waste my battery because the screen stays on that is my own fault. That could also be settled easily with an option in settings to turn the device off after a certain amount of time if activated. How did this never come up during testing?! While I having only just purchased my headset and have only dipped my toes on day two, I hope that this is something Samsung is currently working to correct.
  • darkangel6415darkangel6415 Posts: 148
    Hiro Protagonist
    I must say I have fallen asleep watching movies with headset on and had no problems several times
  • coolaudiocoolaudio Posts: 33
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    I agree, the ability to recalibrate the viewing position while lying down or sitting at whatever angle is much needed...please oculus/Samsung make it hard is it to add an option:)
  • SpineDocSpineDoc Posts: 87
    Hiro Protagonist
    Yeah I can't watch adult sites sitting up, that is just so weird and wrong call me old fashioned they need to allow usage laying down

    You can recalibrate the Samsung internet browser to work well while lying down.  Some other apps have the capability like Netflix, for example.  I agree with you though, it's infuriating to be unable to do a system wide adjustment so I can use my GearVR lying down.  Just last night I was putzing around on mine while in bed and after remembering it wouldn't work that way just shut it off in disgust.
  • diogofigueiredodiogofigueiredo Posts: 161
    I believe it has to do with the fact the seeing the horizon in front of you whilst laying down would make most people instantaneously sick, as your inner ear (your vestibular system) feels you should be seeing the sky, but your eyes see the horizon. That discrepancy is vomit inducing.
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  • lufencarlufencar Posts: 1
    what diadogofigueiredo says could be true for 360 deg. videos. you may get dizzy, But for 2d media like normal movies and photos you just need your eyes pointing naturally to the image at whatever position your head is and it will not harm you. it is a shame we cannot see movies laying down while waiting for sleep to arrive without bothering wife with tv brightness.
  • obzenobzen Posts: 713
    Nexus 6
    Well, if it's using a gravity sensor for resolving vertical drift (like in DK1), you're kind of screwed. You can't measure 'up' as clearly when lying down (gimbal lock).

    I suppose they could theoretically disable the gravity sensor input, and allow drift with the occasional manual re-calibration, relying purely on the gyroscope. 

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  • CrowaustCrowaust Posts: 24
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    I too have been puzzled about this, been trying out a few of the 2D Movie/Picture viewing "Theatre" Apps however none of them appear to allow laying down as an option.

    If anyone has found one please forward along the info :P
  • peteracworthpeteracworth Posts: 2
    In some apps (e.g. milk vr) you can just look in the direction you want and hold your finger on the touchpad. In about 4 seconds the unit will reset.  I haven't tried other apps, but this works for milk vr
  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Posts: 154
    I agree that having a default option to orient prone would be nice.  I'm willing to use a swivel chair most of the time, but lying in bed is also very relaxing.
  • HawkhellHawkhell Posts: 1
    Seems like typical Samsung bullcrap. They will make an amazing device and the screw up a minor part that ruins the experience. This should be common sense Google cardboard knew this was a needed feature but Samsung is clueless.
  • Kersh1Kersh1 Posts: 1
    Cmoar VR Cinema will do it. Just go to the cinema (void is good) play your movie, then look down (back of seat in front in cinema mode) there's three icons, the left one is player, bring that up then lock the screen. It gives you a few seconds to get it how you like.
    You can now lay down no problem! 
  • theKristheKris Posts: 6
    Perhaps this is done out of fear, that, if people get the "standing up" animation while laying down, it might make them sick.
    Ive noticed most people have no problems with motion sickness, but a few have it so bad, its worth considering their comfort.

    Just a guess, I dont see much good reason in this either
  • Grendahl06Grendahl06 Posts: 4
    +1 for this topic
  • OneQuickSixOneQuickSix Posts: 1
    Absolutely ridiculous Oculus/Samsung ... have it as an OPTION.  For the majority of us that this will have zero negative impact, and all positive impact, PLEASE make it an OPTION.  My back is screwed up right now, so a lot of bed rest and was really looking forward to using this laying down.  What a total disappointment.  That and the inability to store apps/data on an SD card.  Pathetic.
  • kuyniGkuyniG Posts: 3
    With samsung Phones and how new they are. The most simplest way without changing the setting would to supposebly having a phone stand to have the phone set upright while using oculus.

    Aside from that i totally agree 100 precent with the Automated sensory for a laying feature.

    I do not own any vr tech as of the moment and was wondering if you needed to wire the product or is it bluetooth?
  • darkangel6415darkangel6415 Posts: 148
    Hiro Protagonist
    Well at least they now have a void mode on some things. Sadly sometimes I like to watch stuff while laying down but I still want to have the option to use all vr environments 
  • GrngolocoGrngoloco Posts: 1
    You can with HD VR porn... It works perfectly, but was filmed that way... When you're laying down with her on top, if you sit up it can mess it up.. I will say, I'm not a big porn fan but this impressed the shit out of me
  • Techy111Techy111 Posts: 5,145 Volunteer Moderator

    You can't do it with the main Oculus Home UI, but here's how you do it for the main video apps:

    Samsung VR: while facing in your desired direction double-click the back button (just like you double-click a mouse)
    Samsung Internet ['s integrated media player]: same as above
    Oculus Video: select the Void Theater option, then just look around and tap on the touchpad to reposition
    Netflix: look straight up, select "VOID THEATER", then do as above

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  • TheBlueCatTheBlueCat Posts: 5
    So disappointed! I bought mine last week & noticed this almost immediately.
    I actually bought the device so I could watch stuff in bed without waking up my girlfriend.
    I see that nothing useful (in the way of customer satisfaction) has happened in the last 2 and a half years then?!
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