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Oculus Canceled order, but wont respond to support ticket

Hello I was supposed to get my rift 5/9-19 but a few days ago I got an email saying my order was canceled. I immediately put in a support ticket. It's been days and I still haven't gotten a single response from Oculus or a reason why it was canceled.

After waiting months for my rift I can't believe this happened right when I was finally supposed to get it.


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    You'll have to speak with support. Sorry.
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  • cazforshortcazforshort Posts: 21
    But that's my problem :( support won't respond.
  • Nobbs66Nobbs66 Posts: 722 Poster of the Week
    They're swamped with tickets. It takes time
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  • cazforshortcazforshort Posts: 21
    It's just so frustrating that this would happen right when I was supposed to get it after all this time. No warning at all.
  • cazforshortcazforshort Posts: 21
    I'm going to put in a different ticket because someone on Reddit said they responded to them 15min ago on a ticket they put in 35min ago.
  • cazforshortcazforshort Posts: 21
    Maybe the ticket went bad
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