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Oculus support - no response for 10 days... help?

loughmadloughmad Posts: 1

I recieved my Rift a couple of weeks ago and it has two issues. The image is slightly tilted to the left and there is no positional tracking on the rear of the headset. I got fast responses at first with the basic responses make sure you have current drivers, is the camera facing towards you etc. They sent me a calibration tool, but it didn't work. So they said can we verify your order number and shipping address which was fine, I sent my order number and address. Fine so far.

Since then I have had no response for 10 days. I emailed two days ago but nothing back. I submitted a new ticket this morning just incase the first support ticket has been lost. I just checked and it has been marked as solved with no email or message explanation from either ticket. (The origional ticket is still marked as open). My origional ticket now says last activity 1 hour ago. But there was no activity, there is no message or email.

If anyone from Oculus is reading I'd appreciate some help. Many thanks

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