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My computer doesn't function properly.

Mr.CreepyMr.Creepy Posts: 792
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This isn't a hardware forum, but i guess a good portion in here know a bit about trouble shooting a computer, maybe you could give me some advice.

My PC has issues on start up and many times it just starts up blank, the screen just stays black. It's usually after exiting the bios. Which i also find strange that it goes straight the bios on start up most of the time, but not every time. Sometimes it just goes to a blinking blinking text cursor/underscore

When i play a youtube video the screen goes black shortly and it happens when i enlarge the screen also, and some random instances also. After being woken from hibernation i've had to turn of the computer by holding the power button twice now. A few times i've had visual artifacts when on windows 10 logo screen on start up, in the form of blue lines with the same couler as the windows logo across the black part.

Also it starts up in inconsistent speeds and some time never shows the windows logo, but goes straght from black to login screen. I guess these issues are all related somehow. I can play games just fine, haven't had any unordinary issues while gaming.

Asus Z170 Premium
i7 6700k
GTX 980 ti
32GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 Ram


  • FrozenPeaFrozenPea Posts: 2,535 Valuable Player
    Sounds like a strange issue, a few things come to mind; windows 10 hasn't installed properly or a piece of your hardware is acting up.

    I would recommend cleaning any dust out of your pc, and make sure everything is pushed in fully and no wires are loose etc. Then test to see if it's fixed.If not then you may have to try re-install windows 10.

    For the startup issue: What your boot device order?

  • UberwolfeUberwolfe Posts: 123
    What type, and how old is the motherboard?
  • EliteSPAEliteSPA Posts: 1,560
    Project 2501
    edited May 2016
    Sounds like RAM problems to me. Download a program called "Prime95" and run it for about 30 mins. If is RAM problem could be something with ram voltages. Could be 100 things but try that first and lets see where we get. Another program to run memory modules is memtest. 

    Edit: Also download "Realtemp" to check your cpu temps.
    i7 6700K @ 4.2 GHz | Corsair 16GB DDR4 PC2300 | GTX 1080 Ti | Asus z170-Pro | Corsair RGB Strafe Keyboard | Logitech G27 | Oculus CV1 + Touch + 4 Sensors | Win 10 64 bit | Acer Predator x34 @ 100Hz
  • Mr.CreepyMr.Creepy Posts: 792
    Thanks for the replies.

    @EliteSPAI'll try to the Prime95 program and see if that shows anything. I thought about whether it could be RAM issues myself but i know little about computers and think it's a bit strange that it runs well beside these issues.I believe my CPU runs cool enough, as i've restarted and checked temperature in bios once after a gaming session and it was not hot.

    @FrozenPea I have an SSD and HDD and the SSD with my system is first in the boot priority. I do plan to open and check everything, but i hate messing around with it, as some wires take a lot of force to get in and out and i worry about about the mother board cause you have to push so hard it flexes.

    @Uberwolfe It's an Asus z170 Premium, it's at most 3 months old.

  • UberwolfeUberwolfe Posts: 123
    edited May 2016
    Hmmm.. like has been said, could be many things. I had similar issues recently on my Alienware laptop that was motherboard related. I won't go into the horrific details!

    I would personally start by resetting the CMOS and then running the old process of elimination. Remove everything but the vitals and add them one by one and check the results.

    Hope you get it sorted :(
  • HornyyyHornHornyyyHorn Posts: 106
    edited May 2016
    Sometimes usb hardware is the problem. It cant identify correct and then boot stops in the second when win10 starts with that rotating points, its only black. Try to eject all usb, mouse ..... Maybe youre able to identify the problem-usb-hardware and use an other slot.
  • Mr.CreepyMr.Creepy Posts: 792
    @EliteSPA Prime95 pushed my CPU to 88 degrees on one of the cores and i decided to close the program. According to a quick search that temperature is normal if you don't have a great cooler. My Bequiet Dark Rock TF can't keep up.

    @HornyyyHorn Thanks i'll try it out.
  • Mr.CreepyMr.Creepy Posts: 792
    edited May 2016
    *Doublepost deleted*
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