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How do I verify new email address after changing in the app?

madleemadlee Posts: 3
In the desktop app, I'm able to to change my email address from the Settings > Account page.  After updating, it is shown as Pending, with a note "You must verify your new email before we can change your account.".

I received an email from oculus shortly after.  The email states...
We've received a request to change the email associated with your Oculus account.

Please click the link or copy it to your browser to confirm the email change request:
...followed by a link.  Clicking the link, I'm taken to the oculus site and prompted to log in.  Trying to log in with my new email address fails, so I log in with my existing email address. I am then taken to the profile page (/my/profile) and see that my old email is still there, with no apparent way to edit it or verify my new email address entered from the app.  Clicking the link from the email again doesn't work, and I tried editing it a second time from the app with the same results.  Does changing your email from the app just not work?

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  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    I haven't actually tried this feature myself. I'd recommend contacting Oculus Support.
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  • madleemadlee Posts: 3
    @cybereality How do I go about doing that? From the support page on the site, I found no way to contact support.  The closest thing I found was these forums, so I assumed this must be it.
  • madleemadlee Posts: 3
    Awesome, thank you @cybereality!
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