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Window output on external monitor?

JDThirdJDThird Posts: 18
Most things have a small, narrow window that can't be resized when you have the external monitor to see what the person is seeing.  Is there any way to adjust that?  I'd like to get it full screen, but can't even do that with GUI or hotkey commands that normally work on windowed programs.  Makes it a bit of a pain for someone watching from the "outside" when aspect ratio is skewed because a window is tall and narrow rather than letterboxed or at least square...

I'm using an Nvidia 970 for the moment until my new PC with the 980 arrives on Wednesday, and a new Acer 24" monitor using DVI out on the Nvidia card to a DVI adapter so I can connect via VGA as I have no DVI cables handy at the moment.  Could that be an issue?  Will I have better output on the monitor once I have my "permanent" setup going and am using a DVI cable?

Thanks for any help.  I have to say both my 12 year old and I are completely blown away by the Oculus Rift so far...  Lucky's Tale is far more amazing to experience than I ever would've expected from just what I saw online before getting it.  That immersion is amazing even for a third person game like this...

Now if I could just figure out where all the salvage is in Eve Valkyrie... :)




  • SpiceLife72SpiceLife72 Posts: 154
    If you run SteamVR it gives you the option for a display mirror that you can resize.
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