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X51 R3 power supply and performance

Hi All,
Our research group has just ordered an Oculus Rift. We plan to buy an X51 R3 with GTX 970, i5 or i7. Our researcher is concern that the external power adapter has only 330 watts. Nvidia recommends 500 watts for running 970. Has anyone got a performance problem when running X51 R3 with Oculus Rift ? Have you run any benchmark to compare X51 R3 with other oculus ready PCs from other companies or from your custom built PC ?
Please share your experience. I am the IT guy of the group not the VR expert or user.


  • Since I am new here so please tell me whether I posted my question in the right forum ?
  • NofewNofew Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    I believe this should be under Support, not Share.

    That aside, a 330 watt PSU "should" be "okay". A 970 draws about 150 watts without overclocking, and a high-end CPU draws about 100 (Unless you're talking "Extreme" Intel chips, in which case it can be closer to 150).

    So far we're at 250 watts, so add in another 30-45 for the motherboard, fans and stuff, and you're still under 330.

    The reason nVidia recommends a bigger PSU is partially to cover their butts, but also because PSUs are more efficient when they're run at about 50% capacity. While going higher won't give your components less power, more energy will be drawn from the wall and turned into heat than if you ran it at a lower percentage.

    When you get close to 80% or higher, the efficiency tends to turn down even further. I know from experience with running a 240 watt laptop charger at the full 240 watts that things get hot enough to burn skin if you leave them that way long enough! That said, it still ran the laptop just fine with no problems and I only got it that high because I was trying to charge the battery at the same time while running it with a crazy-nutty overclock.

    You may want to take my advice with a grain of salt since I don't own the product you've mentioned, but the gist of it is that I'm 98% sure it'll work just fine; just make sure you have sufficient ventilation around the PSU!
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