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Can't put my credit card info in.

It's saying my info is wrong, yet i can't put in my street address. I can only insert my credit card info, country, and zip code. Nothing else. I've tried reinstalling oculus, restarting phone, and trying a different card. I do enjoy it, but if i can't play the games that cost money that are the only ones i really want to play, I'll end up sending the damn thing back until they get their payment methods sorted out. At least make a payment method through computer?... and then it can transfer to your phones account or whatever.


  • bazoo915bazoo915 Posts: 5
    Mastercard, U.S.
  • MrPedanticMrPedantic Posts: 2
    Same issue but in the UK, with a Visa card. Why no paypal option?
  • KowskiKowski Posts: 10
    Same issue but in the UK, with a Visa card. Why no paypal option?
    Because Oculus is an underdeveloped company living in the 20th century. 
  • Store will not take credit card, prepaid card , anyone have any answers ??? Support is crap , I would not have bought this worthless crap if I had known!!!!!
  • primocellprimocell Posts: 40
    Brain Burst
    well that answers my question

  • mal10mal10 Posts: 1
    The same problem (i try 3 cards of different banks). 
  • elomatoelomato Posts: 1
    same to me ... oculus don´t want our money
  • xWandererxxWandererx Posts: 386
    Hmm while the rest of us have set up accounts with various cards and now have a pin to buy whatever we like. Also No problem setting this up only goes to show the only posters are generally complainers.
  • Alex10913Alex10913 Posts: 1
    Alguien sabe donde tengo que ir para averiguar el pin que te pide después de comprar algo?
  • kwildkwild Posts: 50
    Hiro Protagonist
    Same problem here.I can't add my prepaid,rechargeable MasterCard,contacted support,but they sux as ever...

    Put paypal payment options at leats!
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