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"...process the charge again when the next shipment goes out in your area." How area defined?

VitalogyVitalogy Posts: 36
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edited May 2016 in General
I'm one of the many that have to deal with the credit card fraud prevention block. I understand the process but I'm worried that Oculus forgot about me (being forgotten is the story of my life!)

On may 17th, right after the paiement failed I contacted my credit card & Oculus' support. Oculus told me to "re-add this information and we will attempt to process the charge again when the next shipment of orders goes out in your area."

I did it. They checked the card with the $1.xx charge/refund.

So now I'm waiting for their next shipment in my area (Québec, Canada).

According to the following Reddit thread ( ) there are activities in Canada since yesterday. However Oculus did not attempt to charge my credit card yet.

Should I be worried? Maybe Canada is divided in several regions and the latest activities happen in other provinces than Québec??


  • GenetixStudioGenetixStudio Posts: 770
    I had that happen with mine, they ended up trying to charge me again 3 days later and everything went through - my Rift showed up 3 days after that.
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