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Farlands! Now with multiple save slots!

tripmastertripmaster Posts: 1 Oculus Staff
Save slots have arrived! We here on the Oculus Rex dev team heard your feedback; you wanted friends and family to play on one machine and Rift, so we've pushed an update that includes multiple save slots (and some bug fixes). Now you can show off Farlands to everyone without setting back your hard-earned relationships with your Farlands creatures!

After pulling the latest update you can now use the panel on the right within the cockpit to switch between different save files.



  • GenetixStudioGenetixStudio Posts: 770
    Awesome! This will actually be very useful, thanks for the work and continued support!
  • dopingVRdopingVR Posts: 112
    Yayy thx! Useful for me :)
  • IceBlitzIceBlitz Posts: 2
    Farlands is just amazing! Love it!
  • 32Schenker32Schenker Posts: 11
    I love Farlands, and my daughter does too!
    But I have a question... My daughter made it to level 10 in the game. Then I bought a new computer and I am trying to transfer the saved game progress to the new system. I cannot find any procedures that work. Can you offer any clues?
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