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Is there insidious chapter 3 vr for the oculus fift cv1?

tron1003tron1003 Posts: 1
I saw the insidious video for the dk2 and that one video I want to watch on my cv1 when it comes next 2 weeks. But every link I find go nowhere. Where can I find it to play on my cv1. Tron1003


  • BucketsBuckets Posts: 68
    Oculus Share is gone and I'm unable to find another source to download it from. I don't think it would be compatible with the Cv1 anyway though sadly because games need to be made with the sdk v1.3 and above to work on the CV1 :( 
  • greeneblitzgreeneblitz Posts: 126
    I'd also love to know if this is available for download still and compatible with CV1, hopefully the creator will do it at some point.
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