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Pretty sure the Rift HDMI broke my Graphics Card's HDMI

SgtpandaSgtpanda Posts: 2
So today I got my rift, and was really excited, despite the odd problem report, which I just assumed was rare cases of bad luck, I was even more concerned when my friend couldn't get his to work, he also got his today and we live nearby so it's probably from the same batch.

Regardless I was excited to try it it so I went through the setup and plugged everything in and it was all detected... except for the HDMI connection. At first I assumed it was just bad luck so pulled it out and out it back in, still nothing. Then I thought maybe I wasn't pushing it in far enough, I'm usually quite overcautious with PC hardware so thought I probably just needed to push it harder, so I did. I'd like to make it clear that I didn't apply an unreasonable amount of force, as I said I'm quite cautious so started slowy and gradually applied more pressure, but I never felt like I was forcing it.

So then it went further in and I assumed all was well and I really did just need to push it in, as it was quite loose before but was more secure now. But looking back at the setup I could see this wasn't the case, still wasn't detected. At this point I gave up and assumed the cable must be faulty, so plugged my HDMI 2nd monitor back in and... no signal, great.

I tried all manner of troubleshooting, reinstalling drivers, system restore, checking nvidia control panel and window's control panel, but nothing picked up my monitor.

I looked here on the forums and see that mangled HDMI cables seem to be something of an issue, with some others mentioning that it's damaged their HDMI ports. I also saw a lot of posts online about people having issues with the 980 Ti with the Rift too.

So now I really don't know what to do, I'm pretty irritated, but upset more than anything, not only does the £500 rift not work but now my £750 graphics card has been damaged too, not great.

I could get a new HDMI cable from support but what's the point when the port is broke now?

I could get a displayport adapter but the advice is so conflicting about which ones work that I don't know which one to buy.

I don't want to waste time getting a new HDMI cable that won't work, I don't want to waste time and money on an incompatible displayport adapter and I certainly don't want to have to buy a new graphics card.

Any advice? I just want to enjoy the rift.


  • start a detailed ticket is all i can say, think it's my cable that's busted too havent tested the hdmi port again you better believe if the rift cable broke it I'd be all over support about it, it takes waaayy too long but the sooner the better, sucks man
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Please speak with Oculus Support and see how we can help. 
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  • DomitjenDomitjen Posts: 269
    Nexus 6
    try a dvi to hdmi adapter.
  • frenchflyfrenchfly Posts: 3
    I went through the same damn thing today, after trying a display port to HDMI adapter that didn't work I ran over to my local Best buy and bought a rocket fish DVI to HDMI and it worked. Not a great first day with my rift ended up with a whopping 1 hour to play with it after all that before I had to get to work. 
  • SgtpandaSgtpanda Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice everyone, I've decided to contact support and I've picked up a DVI adapter (and some other displayport adapters for my monitors now that I can't use HDMI - not cheap), I forgot that DVI is basically an identical signal to HDMI so that should do fine.
  • StairmandStairmand Posts: 103

    Depending on your country Oculus may be responsible for damage caused.

    A few (OK quite a few) years ago I had a CoolIT All-In-One CPU cooler explode in my case and ruin my motherboard and a pair of 4870x2 graphics cards. CoolIT had to replace them all at there cost.

    In fairness to them there support was first class, they never complained and replaced very everything quickly. In less than 2 weeks I was back up and running again.   Take note Oculus! Good support!

  • ellisc2ellisc2 Posts: 1
    Same thing happened to me. My ASUS Stirix 970 was working fine. After plugging the Oculus Rift HDMI cable in. HDMI port no longer works. So disappointing. Bad VR experiences won't kill VR, bad VR hardware will kill VR.
  • MrcandleguyMrcandleguy Posts: 13
    Yeah pretty sure it screwed up my HDMi port as well and no amount of DVI/Displayport adapters are working.

  • manumanu Posts: 78
    Hiro Protagonist
    I would be out soldering the HDMI back in if I were you. But that will require even more patience and carries more risk than is required to setup the rift. It's also worth checking your GPU make and model to see if there is a known issue, in which case the GPU may be eligible for replacement.
  • JonnyAllJonnyAll Posts: 2
    I've had similar issues, during Oculus setup one port stopped working. Then a couple of months later (this weekend) while setting up again another port stopped working. I had thought the original problem was a hardware thing, but two ports seemed strange - plus, the graphics cards prices are ridiculous right now (looking at you Nvidia....). So I spent the afternoon uninstalling oculus software, graphics drivers etc. (used display driver removal utility) found that the basic windows driver works fine, all ports are OK. However, whenever installing the nvidia drivers the two ports still fail. To cut a long story short, I ended up removing the graphics card completely and booted up with just onboard graphics. Uninstalled graphics card drivers again, and then put the graphics card back in.....all ports came back!
  • Tim74UKTim74UK Posts: 1,369
    Nexus 6
    ellisc2 said:
    Same thing happened to me. My ASUS Stirix 970 was working fine. After plugging the Oculus Rift HDMI cable in. HDMI port no longer works. So disappointing. Bad VR experiences won't kill VR, bad VR hardware will kill VR.
    Holey ***** are yo kidding me? I have the same laptop and rift working fine for ages, then all of a sudden black screen. 

    The rift broke your HDMI on your laptop??!?? They owe you big time and if it is the case this should be major compensation time!! 
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