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ERROR 1971017 - Library actions not allowed while in an app

Bought Edge of Nowhere, but it won't install because of this error. 

I've tried rebooting the PC, unplugging the oculus, nothing works.



  • MooskriebMooskrieb Posts: 4
    I have the same error which will me prevent from installing or uninstalling anything
  • MradrMradr Posts: 2,683 Valuable Player
    Normally means there is another app running that is using the headset. For example:
    Virtual Desktop will run in the background causing this error. Even if you reboot - it will auto startup with the PC. Check to make sure no 3rd party apps are using your rift at this time.
  • MooskriebMooskrieb Posts: 4
    update: rerun oculus-setup and choose repair. Worked for me
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