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Rift reaching really high internal temperatures

NexaNexa Posts: 12
edited June 2016 in Support
It's around 105f internally, +/- 5f. (a bit above 40c I think) And the outside/top stay pretty warm even when not in use. (Even with Home closed)

I'm not expecting the thing to stay frosty when in use, but the low 100s around the where the proxy sensor is? That seems a bit excessive. I mean you're not directly contacting that part, but it is very close to your face. My DK2 got pretty warm, but you could wear it for a fairly long period of time without really noticing. If you took a lens out you could tell it was pretty hot inside. My CV1 heats up pretty quick to that temperature.

I mean the godrays and very very slight red haze are ignorable, I don't really mind them. You get used to them fairly quick. The god rays are pretty bad when it's dark scenes and some bright objects, but even then. Worst so far has been Virtual Desktop, but that's beside the point.

But the temperature worries me slightly.

I contacted support and their suggestion was to make my house colder or not wear the rift too tightly. I wasn't really asking for suggestions, I just wanted to know if it was normal and not worth RMAing for, or if it's a defect.

Anyone want to chime in?
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