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Gift card for gear VR games?

danknugzdanknugz Posts: 1,988
I recently purchased someone a gearVR and was looking into also getting them a. Gift card for games. Is that possible?
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  • ZoomieZoomie Posts: 1,777 Valuable Player
    No, many of us have asked about this but it's not a feature of Oculus Home - yet.
    To be fair, Oculus home doesn't actually have many features.

    Maybe I should add a Home update to my E3 wishlist.
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  • cyborgnyccyborgnyc Posts: 1
    I would like to request a gift card too. Also a wishlist.
  • driazendriazen Posts: 11
    +1 here as well.
  • usurffreeusurffree Posts: 2
    +1 to the infinity.  I want to purchase around 25-30 titles as they are on sale, but I'm not going to get the deals buying 2 per day on my credit card.  I'm also not sitting on hold with my credit card company for an hour to get permission for a buying spree here.  Let us load funds into our account then buy from that.  That's 1st grade programming.
  • fvvrfvvr Posts: 1
    how do I share or send apps to my friends as a gift or my kids, it should be simple like google send 5, 10 , 50 gift card to be used in your store, come on this is not rocket science I work in the back end industry. 
  • Nestro-XNestro-X Posts: 1
    They definitely need a gift card since the games are digital. It's the only way you can purchase them for someone as a gift.
  • Ballette002Ballette002 Posts: 1
    Yes, i need gift cards.  
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