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RMA Troubles - Waiting for a return label, 1 month now.

AquageneAquagene Posts: 2
edited June 2016 in Support
I submitted a ticket back on April 27th regarding some troubles with my Rift and on May 20th, was told I'd be sent a return label. It's now June 13th, 3 weeks since then and I have yet to get a label. My attempts to follow up with support have all been ignored. I was pretty understanding regarding how busy they must be but this is a bit silly.

I am posting here in hopes  to get the attention of an Oculus Employee so that I can get this ball rolling and finally be done with this issue after months of headache. My Ticket number is #188646.

What's frustrating is the stories on other sites about people who submitted similar tickets AFTER I did and have already gotten their replacement Rift. I'm pretty baffled overall and honestly quite upset.

Edit: Updated title, ticket open for two months now, a bit one month now waiting for a label.


  • AquageneAquagene Posts: 2
    After I posted this somewhere else I managed to get in contact with a community manager who forwarded the issue to support, but it's been yet another week now without any followup. This issue has been ongoing for 2 months now and it's been one month since any response regarding my ticket. This is seriously nuts. I'm thinking my ticket is stalled in someone's queue or something, I really have no clue how this would be considered acceptable.
  • ElhrairahElhrairah Posts: 46
    4 billion dollar company who uses zendesk ticketing software instead of real customer service = ^ this guys experience.

    Oculus can be summed up pretty quickly.

    Awesome product. Shit company.
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